Renting and Sale is a matter of trust. As an agent between owner and customer we know how important it is to connect reliability, discretion and integrity with the necessary know-how to guarantee an easygoing and efficient processing.

We are going to advise you in respect of your needs and ideas.


The renting of commercial and residential properties are our core competences. We help you with the renting of such properties and create concepts of the best possible utilization.

With our qualified skills about the regional and supra-regional markets

  • we offer site location assistance.
  • we check the potential of selected properties.
  • we offer concrete suggestions concerning the improvement of your properties.

We check the solvency of the prospective tenants and administrate and coordinate the negotiations concerning the rental agreement.
We would be pleased to find the appropriate contractual partner for you.


Our goal is to free the seller to the greatest extend and realize the optimal sales success. We assist you not only in the area of marketing but also with the necessary preparations. This includes:

  • to carry together the required documents
  • to create an expose of selling
  • to make appointments for viewing in respect of your temporal guidelines
  • to conduct the negotiations
  • to prepare purchase agreement


The assistance of complex real etstate portfolios presupposes a qualified know-how and a high accuracy. We

  • help you with the compilation of the properties.
  • create a strategy to sell your portfolio.
  • check the purchase of external portfolios in your order. We value the properties by use of the Discounted-Cash-Flow (DCF) calculation, what gives you important information about:
  • Which property fits into my personal strategy?
  • Which properties are improvable?
  • Which properties are strategically inappropriate?
  • Which risks exist?