Information of laren consulting real estate GmbH

Laren consulting real estate is based in Kiel, Germany, and is supraregionally active on the commercial estate market.

Founded in 2009 the company first concentrated on commercial/industrial properties, whereas nowadays the range is extended and also includes apartment complexes.

Our customers are family offices, domestic and foreign real estate investment funds, national and international investors as well as private and institutional prospective tenants.

Investment profile of laren consulting real estate GmbH

for our international shareholder
  • purchase volume: € 5 Mio. to € 150 Mio.
  • main focus:
    • retail
    • retail markets
    • shopping center
    • supermarket
    • neighborhood shopping center
    • office
    • industrial park
  • risk profile: core plus and value-add / opportunistic, development
  • location: Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Benelux

for our national shareholder

  • purchase volume: € 500 tsd to € 10 Mio.
  • main focus:
    • retail
    • retail markets
    • neighborhood shopping center
    • development (industry, office etc.)
  • risk profile: value – add and opportunistic, development
  • location: West Germany

for our local shareholder

  • purchase volume: ab € 250 tsd. to € 5 Mio.
  • main focus:
    • residential
    • condomnium
    • trophy buildings
  • risk profile: central location
  • location: Hamburg, Kiel